Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews (2021) Alex Miller Video Exercises Program Really Work?

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Pelvic Floor Strong is an exercise guide for women to help build pelvic strength and get control over bladder function, especially after delivering a baby. According to Alex Miller, it can be helpful for all women who feel that their pelvis control is lost due to age, hormonal changes, delivery, or any other reason. So far, no ‘surgery’ or ‘medicine’ has been able to help these women gain this strength back, and the only way to fix it is by special exercises.

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As the name may indicate, Pelvic Floor Strong contains easy-to-perform exercises that help make the pelvis stronger. It has been designed by a famous health and fitness coach named Alex Miller, who specializes in prenatal and postnatal weight loss, fitness, medication, and flexibility.

Losing bladder control is embarrassing, and people don’t really like to talk about it. But millions of people in the U.S. are suffering from poor bladder control, also known as pelvic floor dysfunction. Women are more likely to suffer from it, mainly because of the hormonal shifts and childbirth, and the worst part is that it gets worse with age. But whatever the reason is, bladder leakage results from a weak pelvic floor which makes it hard to hold urine. Although it can happen to anyone, middle to old-aged women are more likely to experience it. 

As mentioned on, the Pelvic Floor Strong program is a complete informational guide that can help such people to regain their pelvic strength back. It has workout manuals and video tutorials to aid in understanding the correct posture.

But what are the chances that it will help all the users? If it is designed by a fitness coach, does this mean it is difficult to follow? Read this Pelvic Floor Strong review to find the answers.

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Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews

Urine leakage is always accidental, and it’s not something that any person would want to happen purposefully. But when the pelvis gets weaker due to pelvic dysfunction, the body somehow loses control over the bladder, and it starts to happen spontaneously. Some women also experience it after delivering a baby or due to a medical condition, but this problem has to be fixed irrespective of the reason. That’s when Pelvic Floor Strong exercises can play their role. 

Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Strong system is a complete workout guide designed for women. Although weakening of the pelvic floor is normal, it is not an excuse to let it happen and keep living a miserable life with it. Nearly 25 million Americans live with a weak pelvis leading to urinary incontinence because they never see it as a problem. It is indeed a problem that can be fixed or at least minimized in some ways. 

According to, Alex Miller, the person behind the Pelvic Floor Strong DVD, has been able to help thousands of customers who needed pelvic strengthening. Although there are Kegel exercises that help in pelvic strength building, however, these exercises are usually not enough. The comprehensive information in Pelvic Floor Strong explains all techniques which can be done in such circumstances, and all of them are easy to do with no gym equipment needed. 

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What is a Pelvic Floor? How to Know if it is Weak?

Before jumping to the Pelvic Floor Strong exercises and how they may help, let’s first understand what the pelvic floor is and what these movements can do to your body. The pelvic floor means the lower abdominal area, which supports the spine and saves the organs from pressure and force. There are many muscles involved here that control the movement of the bladder, bowel, and uterus. These muscles relax and contract to release and hold urine, gas, and stool, and any problems to these muscles mean that the body loses its ability to hold them for long. 

In women, pregnancy damages the pelvic muscles as there is a lot of pressure on holding the baby. Even after delivery, any stimulant or sudden movements such as sneezing, laughing, or coughing may lead to bladder leakage. It is not acceptable socially, as well as health-wise, which is why Pelvic Floor Strong can help overcome it. 

How Does Pelvic Floor Strong Program Work?

First thing first, the Pelvic Floor Strong program starts with explaining the risk factors for the damage, allowing the leakage to proceed. It even talks about medical conditions such as Layer syndrome, which may cause bladder leakage, backache, hip pain, and other discomforts. This information is mandatory to establish the source of pelvic weakness, after which corrections can become easy. 

Typically, if there is any medical condition involved, Alex suggests getting a complete evaluation from a doctor and going with his advice. In other cases where the bladder leakage is caused by post-pregnancy weakness or age, the core pelvic floor exercises can significantly help without consulting a doctor.

There are three basic movements added to this program that may strengthen the pelvis walls, allowing natural recovery inside the body. These exercises have been explained through Pelvic Floor Strong video guides and a readable manual. Ideally, the user would read the manuscript first and then watch the videos for clarity. 

Here are the most common signs of a weak pelvis. 

Pelvic organ prolapse 
Organ bulging 
Bloated abdomen 
Urinary leakage 

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, it is high time to take care of your body and learn how to strengthen core muscles without going to the gym or hiring a fitness coach. If your symptoms are painful and you suspect an infection, go to your nearest primary healthcare immediately instead of relying on the exercises. These exercises don’t treat any infection, wound, or damage; they are only strength-building routines that help to build lean mass. 

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Sneak Peek Into Pelvic Floor Strong System 

According to multiple Alex Miller Pelvic Floor reviews online, this system is way better than other manuals that only explain the exercises, with no demonstration. Alex has designed this program in such a way that every step, exercise, and move becomes clear for a user. It doesn’t even require a gym membership or the need to step out of the house. If you don’t want other people to know about your problem, you can follow these exercises at home, in your bedroom in full secrecy. No one would ever know about your issue and how you overcame it. 

Here is what’s inside the Pelvic Floor Strong DVD. 

• The Informational Pelvic Floor Strong Video

The first thing in the Pelvic Floor Strong system is the informational guide which explains basic information about the pelvis and the easy movements which may restrict diastasis recti. This whole video series is divided into some chapters, each of which explains a different thing. 

The first chapter is the informational guide while the second chapter talks about kegel exercises and their benefits. In the next chapter, it is explained how kegel exercises may help build pelvic muscles to prevent leakage. 

The chapters coming next explain other muscles that help manage weight and obtain a toned body, shedding all pregnancy weight. By the time you reach chapter six, you can start the exercises to build core muscles. At this point, the body can finally get over the heaviness and hardness caused by weak muscles. 

• Informational Manual

This is a written manual that explains the Total Core & Pelvic Floor Repair Method. The purpose of adding written and video manuals in this Pelvic Floor Strong system is that the readable version can be taken anywhere. Plus, it is easy to forget what you see in a video but having a text version makes it easy to remember all the details. 

• Flat Belly Fast: 10 Minute Quick Start Video

The next thing in the Pelvic Floor Strong program is a quick start video which is only 10 minutes long. Inside this video, you will get to know about the core exercises to shed abdominal fat and get a flat stomach. These exercises can be beneficial for post-pregnancy belly fat loss, but it doesn’t mean that other women can’t benefit from them. It is suitable for every woman who wants to get rid of stubborn belly fat. 

• Flat Belly Fast: Exercise Manual

This is a free gift for all Pelvic Floor Strong customers. The original price of this manual is $17.00, but you don’t have to pay anything if you are already buying the Pelvic Floor Strong system. 

• Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist

The Pelvic Floor Strong system also has a checklist to help the users track their progress. This checklist allows them to see where they started and how much time it took to get benefits.  

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Pelvic Floor Strong Exercises

Pelvic Floor Strong doesn’t have one but different exercises. Some of these exercises are already famous, but using them for yourself still remains a question that is answered in this guide. 

Here are the exercises inside this program. 

• Kegel exercises

Chapter two of the Pelvic Floor Strong system focuses explicitly on Kegel exercises which help strengthen pelvic muscles. The best is to follow them on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Although this program is specifically targeted for women’s health, the Kegel exercises can benefit both men and women. Following these exercises for a few weeks may build the muscles below the bladder, allowing the body to contract and relax the bladder, giving back control over it. 

• Core exercises

In chapter three of the Pelvic Floor Strong manual, you can find core exercises that help build the body muscles, especially the lower back, hips, belly, and pelvis. These exercises look simple but can be tricky to follow, which is why the video demonstration has been provided to replicate them at home. These core exercises also work on metabolism, excess fat layers, and cellulite, helping users to get a leaner, slimmer body. 

• Belly exercises

Inside chapter four of the Pelvic Floor Strong manual, you will see belly toning exercises that help remove the extra fat and get a flatter stomach. These exercises also target improving metabolism, supporting overall weight loss. 

• Flexibility and posture improving exercises 

Some exercises in the Pelvic Floor Strong system target posture to improve it, increase flexibility and allow the user to move with ease. This ease of movement may also save from joint pains and problems, especially in older age. 

Pelvic Floor Strong System Benefits for Women 

According to multiple Pelvic Floor Strong reviews and testimonials online, there are many ways in which the exercises included in this program can benefit its user. The individual results may show up differently in everyone, but almost every user experiences the following benefits.

It educates about core and Kegel exercises that are specifically targeted for strengthening the pelvic muscles. It may be hard to start doing these exercises without proper guidelines. In the Pelvic Floor Strong manual, you will find how to start with the basics and then switch to Kegel exercises, and eventually, reach core exercises. 

These exercises help improve bladder control to prevent leakage, which is common after giving birth. This way, it saves the user from embarrassing situations which may otherwise cause social anxiety and depression. 

It helps improve the sleep cycle, duration, and quality of sleep in every user. As the frequent bathroom visits are minimized in the nighttime, the user can enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

Pelvic Floor Strong helps save the struggle and burden of buying and wearing adult diapers to avoid leakage. It also lowers the stress associated with wearing a diaper and the effort to hide the medical issue from people around. 

If followed regularly, Pelvic Floor Strong exercises may also help in overall weight loss. Some users have also reported having a flatter belly after following it for a few months. The lean mass gain makes it easy for you to fit into your pre-pregnancy dresses without trying a weight loss diet.

These Pelvic Floor Strong exercises aim to lower the stress and pressure on the pelvis, saving from a number of associated conditions. 

The strong pelvic muscles achieved through these exercises help to enjoy sex despite delivering a baby or going through aging.

The intensity of these effects and the time required to experience them are different for every user. Depending upon various other risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and others, the time to experience Pelvic Floor Strong benefits may change. However, most users can experience noticeable changes within three to six months of following these exercises, with or without a diet. 

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Where To Buy Pelvic Floor Strong at the Best Price?

The Pelvic Floor Strong program is available online, and you can directly buy it from the official website,

The price for this entire program is $37.00 only, which is nothing as compared to its benefits. You may also compare its price with other exercise programs that are available online and the gym subscriptions. In all ways, it is the most affordable investment in health.

 There are two options to get access to the Pelvic Floor Strong guide. Either you can buy a digital copy of it and download it on any device. Or you may also buy the physical pack with the video tutorials on DVDs. The price of both options is the same, and this option is just to make it more accessible for people. 

Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews – Final Verdict 

Pelvic Floor Strong is a helpful guide to help build strong muscles, preventing leakage and strengthening the pelvis. This can be a great exercise guide that explains which body muscles need toning to regain bladder control. All it takes is a few minutes of your daily life to overcome pelvis weakness caused by a pregnancy, old age, hormonal changes, or any other reason. 

It doesn’t recommend taking any medicines, dietary pills or offers unreal weight loss benefits. Following all the tools included in it helps improve the quality of life and saves from embarrassing situations related to bladder control, weight, and overall health. 

For only a one-time price of $37.00, you will know about Pelvic Floor Strong exercises and lifestyle changes that help to overcome a pelvic floor weakness. Additionally, all orders come with a 60-day money refund offer, which means there is no loss of money even if you fail to experience any benefits while following this exercise guide.

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Pelvic Floor Strong Alex Miller Reviews 2021 and Frequently Asked Questions

• Does Pelvic Floor Strong System require dieting to work?

Pelvic Floor Strong is an exercise guide that doesn’t require any special diet to work. However, if you are interested in losing weight, especially belly fat, following it along with a healthy diet is highly desirable. 

• What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is a condition where both sides of the abdomen become wide to accommodate fat layers. It is also called a belly pooch which commonly shows up in women after delivering a baby. This fat melts on its own within three months, but people with slow metabolism may have it for a much longer time, and one way to fix it is by core exercises as explained in the Pelvic Floor Strong program.

• Are Pelvic Floor Strong results guaranteed?

Is Pelvic Floor Strong legit? There are good reasons that it is, but if you suspect it to be ineffective, the company has a surprise for you. 

All orders of the Pelvic Floor Strong program come with a 60-day (two months) long money-back guarantee. In case you find this program unhelpful, there is still no loss of money. You can contact the customer support line and request a refund within two months of buying it. 

There are no questions asked, and the money is reversed within a few working days. It is necessary to order it through the official website only and not from other unauthorized websites or sellers. The money-back offer is only applicable to orders purchased through the company.  

You may never find this product in the local stores or retailers. You will also never come across any Pelvic Floor Strong Amazon listings because the company has no partnership with any retailers. Buying from the official website is the only way to get your hands on this program while avoiding a Pelvic Floor Strong scam.

• Is there an age limit to try Pelvic Floor Strong?

There is no age limit to try following the Pelvic Floor Strong. But it is ideally recommended for women in their middle ages, i.e., those over 40 years of age. It may also help the younger women, depending upon their condition and the reason behind their loose pelvis. 

• Can obese women follow Pelvic Floor Strong System?

It is normal for most women to gain extra weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to the official website, weight gain is not a primary indication for following Pelvic Floor Strong exercises. In fact, regularly following these exercises help improve metabolism and burn fat, leading to significant weight loss. 

• Can you follow Pelvic Floor Strong after a C-section?

Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Strong is helpful for all women who have delivered a baby, no matter if it was a vaginal delivery or a C-section. A surgery also affects the strength of the pelvis and lower abdomen muscles and may cause a weak bladder. However, it is not recommended to start exercising until a few weeks or months after a C-section. Don’t forget to contact your Ob-Gyn for further advice. 

• How to contact the customer support line?

Pelvic Floor Strong has an active customer support line to answer common questions regarding the program, orders, and refunds. Remember that it is not a subscription-based program and only requires a one-time payment. For more details, you can contact the company via phone call (1-800-390-6035) or email (

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