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RemBalance is claimed to be a special formula that takes care of those two most pressing problems people are usually dealing with: not being able to sleep properly and chronic weight gain. Its manufacturers are saying it provides all the support needed to naturally regulate sleep cycles and put a metabolism that no longer functions as it should to work. All the fat stored in the body to get burned during sleep. It’s a well-known fact that exercising and dieting are completely useless without having a good and quality sleep every night.

How Does RemBalance Work?

According to its manufacturers, RemBalance naturally regulates sleep cycles. The body is turned into a fat-burning machine, all because it’s both a sleep and metabolic enhancer that ensures the brain and the body are working in synergy in order to enter the Fat Loss REM State every night. In other words, taking RemBalance regularly and as indicated on its bottle leads to sleeping each night restfully and waking up in the morning with some significant weight off. This is because cortisol, which is the hormone that stores fat in the body, will no longer play with the metabolism and wreak havoc onto it. At the same time, Gherlin and Leptin, which are both hunger hormones and the Growth hormone, will be normalized for cravings to no longer appear. Meanwhile, RemBalance’s special ingredient Coleys Forskohlii will make sure the body enters a state in which it breaks down fat at super speeds. It will be just like activating a fast-forward mode in the organism for all the extra weight to be eliminated. And the RemBalance formula can do all this because it contains all the natural ingredients that are known to relax the body and the mind, accelerate the metabolism, fight insomnia, and help with resting properly every night. Below are a few of these ingredients and the way they work in the human body.


RemBalance Ingredients

Here are the ingredients of RemBalance explained, as the product’s official website presents them:


Ancient Romans and Greeks used the first ingredient that helps with having a good night’s sleep in RemBalance because it has been shown to combat insomnia and promote relaxation. This ingredient is Valerian, which also reduces anxiety and helps with having a more restful sleep. Many prescribed sleeping pills and natural supplements use Valerian.


Another ingredient that simply turbocharges the RemBalance formula was appreciated by Spanish conquistadors and Native Americans who have been brought their attention to its calming effects by Peruvians. When combined with Valerian, just like in the RemBalance formula, Passionflower helps fall asleep faster and deeper. As a matter of fact, Passionflower, in combination with Valerian, has even been compared with Ambien, only that it doesn’t have the same scary and nasty side effects.


Ashwagandha is known to reduce stress levels and to regulate cortisol, which, as mentioned above, is the stress hormone. Whenever stress increased, cortisol is being released, and this leads to an increased production of insulin. As many people know already, insulin is responsible with the body storing extra fat. Therefore, Ashwagandha is very important when trying to calm cortisol down in order to lose weight.

Secret Himalayan Ingredient

This ingredient is secret. It is known that it comes from the Himalayan mountains and is a plant extract with incredible potency when it comes to burning off fat cells.

And there are many other ingredients present in the RemBalance formula, all that have sleeping effects and accelerate the metabolism. They can be identified on the product’s label.


RemBalance Benefits

According to its manufacturers, what’s also great about RemBalance is that it doesn’t help with losing only a few pounds that are present here and there. On the contrary, this supplement is said to burn off significant fat from all the areas of the body, including the most stubborn ones such as the belly, thighs, and arms. In fact, it’s said to burn between half a pound and 1 pound only during the first month of use. While it cuts cravings, it doesn’t have to be consumed with any diet. Furthermore, RemBalance consumers have reported this formula also improved their skin, increased their energy levels, and gave them back their zest for life. The benefits of losing weight should be mentioned here, too, especially since they’re all about no longer being at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other dangerous conditions. Golden After 50, the company that makes RemBalance, is focused on providing people natural health solutions for their many different problems. This supplement is one of their weight loss formulas, very much appreciated by many people who have given it a try.

How to Use RemBalance?

Besides, using RemBalance is incredibly easy. All that has to be done is to take 2 of its capsules every day, preferably an hour before going to bed. After, the formula should be allowed to do its job. As its manufacturers are saying, RemBalance is made in a GMP and FDA-certified facility in the US, this meaning its manufacturing process follows the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and safety. This is not a product imported from China or other countries. It’s 100% American.

Who Can Use RemBalance?

RemBalance is a health product for adults only, so children can’t use it. Otherwise, men and women who are 18 years of age or older shouldn’t have any problem consuming it every day. Pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding can’t take RemBalance either. Individuals who have to use prescribed medicines to treat their chronic conditions must have a talk with their doctor and ask if they can use it. In case RemBalance doesn’t interfere with their treatment, they also need to tell their doctor to advise them about the administration of this supplement. It’s very unlikely for RemBalance to cause any side effects when consumed with prescribed medication. The only issue would be its effects getting diminished by some pills, or the other way around, the formula causing the effects of some medicines to decrease, both situations that would not be at all desirable.

Why RemBalance?

Year after year, more and more people in the US and all over the world are reporting that they have insomnia and inexplicably gain weight. The solution to their problem starts with having a good night’s sleep and rebooting their metabolism. Exercising and dieting come second when it comes to being slim and having a healthy lifestyle. If deprived of sleep, people no longer have a properly functioning metabolism and tend to eat more. But RemBalance by Golden After 50 promises to come and solve their problems in a natural and safe manner by improving their sleep and making it possible for their metabolism to function at accelerated speeds. Moreover, buying it is a risk-free investment, as it’s being sold with a money-back guarantee that will be detailed in the following section. In other words, there’s no reason to why people shouldn’t give this natural weight loss alternative a try.

How to Buy RemBalance?

RemBalance is available for sale only on its official website because Golden After 50 wants to ensure everyone is getting their original formula at a the very affordable prices they’re currently offering. Only 1 bottle of the supplement can get anyone on the path of a good night’s sleep every night with significant weight loss. However, the best results have been noted to appear when the product has been taken for 90-180 days, every day. When the body fully absorbs the ingredients, weight loss happens constantly, and sleep cycles are naturally regulated. Here are the prices at which RemBalance is being offered at the moment:


In the US, products usually get delivered within 7-10 business days. International deliveries can take up to 14-28 business days and sometimes even more, as each country’s customs have different policies when it comes to packages coming from the US. Payments can be made via credit or debit card only, so the PayPal option is not featured. A 90-day money-back guarantee covers all RemBalance bottles. This means they can be returned to the manufacturer for a full refund by unsatisfied customers, no questions asked. Refunds will be issued for opened bottles as well. The money refunded will be the price of the product(s) minus the shipping fee if such a fee was applied. Before sending the products back, unsatisfied customers must contact the Golden After 50 customer support via:


Physical Address:

PO Box 4731 Tampa, Florida 33677

Phone :

(800) 351-6106

The same means of communication can be used to address any question or inquiry regarding the product.

Returns Address:

Jet Pack Returns

1140 Highbrook ST STE 400

Akron, OH 44301

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