Reviews and Tips for Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet may be controversial, but it’s undeniably popular. Some nutrition experts call keto’s fat-embracing, carb-slashing focus too extreme. Even so, fans say keto isn’t just an effective weight-loss diet – it’s a lifestyle in which they thrive.

Toni Iafrate is a keto believer. “I’ve been on keto religiously for just about a year now,” says Iafrate, a 43-year-old communications professional in the Boston area. Within the first two months, she says, “I was amazed – not just with the weight loss, but with my mood, my weight, my emotions, my energy, my sleep pattern. I wasn’t getting headaches. Even to this day, I feel as energetic as I did in high school.”

If you’re interested in trying keto, these tips can help you know what to expect, make healthier, tastier food choices and stay strong on the keto bandwagon.

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