Rise in the search for support groups for eating disorders

In January we are bombarded with advertisements for diets and exercise programs. You cannot escape the numerous weight loss regimes. But what effect does this have on people living with a diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorder? 

The support organisation BodyWhys have released their statistics for 2020 which shows an increase of 110% in people using their online group supports and an increase of 98% in family members of people with an eating disorder – seeking assistance from them. To discuss this further, Susan was joined by Harriet Parsons, Training and Development Manager with BodyWhys.

If you or or somebody close to you is looking for help dealing with an eating disorder, then you can find out more information at the BodyWhys website for details on the support services that they offer, including the PiLaR programme for families and supporters. Their helpline is 01-2107906, or you can email them at alex@bodywhys.ie or you can visit their website Bodywhys.ie

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