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If you think you are hungry all the time and are wondering the reason behind it, scientists have an answer for you.

A recent study has established a link between appetite and blood sugar, helping people figure out why they keep getting hungry throughout the day.

Researchers used data collected from 1,070 participants in the UK and the US, sourced from the Personalised Responses to Dietary Composition Trial (PREDICT) nutrition research project.

For the study, the volunteers were given a standardised breakfast but were given the choice to pick out their remaining meals and the times at which they wanted to consume their food. However, volunteers were asked to fast for three hours after consuming breakfast.

During the period of two weeks of the study, the volunteers continuously wore blood glucose monitors and were asked to note everything they ate and at the time on a given mobile app. They were also asked to report their hunger levels.

The results revealed that people with blood sugar dips experiences an almost ten per cent increase in appetite and consumed their second meal of the day an hour before the rest. These participants also observed an overall average consumption of nearly 300 calories a day.

This has established a direct link between the sugar dip levels and one’s appetite. It will also help people understand the process of weight loss and gain.

The research has shown “great potential for helping people understand and control their weight and long-term health,” senior author and genetic epidemiologist Ana Valdes from the University of Nottingham said. “Many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off, and just a few hundred extra calories every day can add up to several pounds of weight gain over a year.”

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