Scots nurse drops from size 16 to 6 in a year and now wears hand-me-downs from pal’s daughter

A Scots nurse dropped from a size 16 to a size six in less than a year – is now wearing bodycon hand-me-downs from her friend’s 21-year-old daughter.

Lorraine Fyfe, 38, lost ten inches off her waist after committing to slimming in November 2019 when she feared she might become diabetic.

Mum-of-one Lorraine piled on the pounds when she started working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, and grateful families would leave boxes of chocolates for staff.

In 2005, when she began her training, Lorraine was a size six, and recalled how a senior nurse laughed at her and said ‘You’ll be a 14 soon’ when scrubs were handed out.

She gained weight after having her son, aged seven – and although she and husband’ David, 42, promised each other they would cut down on takeaways they were still ordering KFC, McDonalds or Dominoes a couple of times a week.

Lorraine came to accept her ‘spaniel’s ears’ boobs drooping and her 38″ waist.

But she felt humiliated when she bought a glam dress for a wedding in September 2018 but David was unable to yank the zip closed – meaning a replacement had to be bought hours before the ceremony.

When the family went to Florida in July 2019 Lorraine had it in her head she would like to lose weight but knew it would be pointless in the supersized States.

In November 2019 Lorraine joined Slimming World after three of her close friends took steps to get in better shape, and learnt the benefits of cooking from scratch – which ‘house husband’ David does for her.

Lorraine had aimed to become a size 10 but pushed herself to keep going – and is now as small as she was 16 years ago, and is able to wear party dresses given to her by her friend’s 21-year-old daughter.

She now has bags of clothes waiting to go to the charity shops at home in Inverlcyde, and is so confident she doesn’t need to have make up on to be in a photograph.

Lorraine said: “When I started my nursing training in 2005 I was a size six, I was perfectly proportioned.

“A senior member of staff asked me what size I was, and she said ‘there’s no such thing as a size six, you’re an eight and you’ll be a 14 soon’ – I didn’t believe her.

“But people are always handing in chocolates, it’s always ‘do you want some of these?’.

“I was always on my feet so I used that as an excuse not to go to the gym, and I walked to the station to get to work – but when I learnt to drive I didn’t walk as far.”

After deciding to do Slimming World, Lorraine was astonished at how quickly she began to lose weight, losing 3.5 stone.

She started working out with a personal trainer and was delighted to see her boobs get perkier and her bingo wings disappear, and her waist is now a tiny 26″.

When she started she weighed 10stone 13.lbs, but now tips the scales at 7stone 6lbs.

Collect of Lorraine in scrubs Christmas 2019

Lorraine joked her breasts were like ‘spaniel’s ears’, and would tell herself ‘my wean loves me, my wean loves me’ as she piled up jeans which were too small in the back of the wardrobe.

But the coronavirus pandemic and the shockingly high numbers of ICU patients who were overweight or diabetic have made Lorraine glad she made the change.

She is now loving buying new clothes and shoes, and dresses up for Saturday nights with her musician husband, restricting takeaways to only one a month.

She has got into batch cooking and bought a freezer to store meals in, finding the family can still eat what they enjoy with sugar quantities massively reduced if made from scratch.

Lorraine said: “Before I wouldn’t be in pictures unless I’d done my hair and make up but now I love being at the front.

“I’ve got a new lease of life, I just feel like it’s a new me.

Nurse Lorraine from Port Glasgow who dropped from a size 16 to a size six



Two slices of white toast with margarine


White coffee, banana, three Ginger Nut biscuits

Chocolate sweets out the box at work


Pasta using a jar of sauce, apple, KitKat, packet of crisps, chocolates


Frozen chicken burger with frozen wedges


Large bowl of peanuts, large bag of Chocolate Buttons and sometimes another packet of crisps



Banana, peach, Hi-Fi cereal bar


Overnight oats using 40g of porridge oats soaked in 150g fat free yoghurt with frozen fruit, a fresh pear, white coffee


Homemade pasta using lots of fresh vegetables, an apple and a tangerine




Homemade omelette packed with fresh peppers, onion and a small portion of low fat cheese


Fresh melon, strawberries, Miuller Light yoghurt, packet of Ringos and a Skinny Whip bar

“I would have never thought of wearing anything figure hugging but I was given a bag of New Look and River Island clothes by my friend’s daughter – shops I don’t really go into now but I think the clothes look nice on me.

“In old photos I am smiling in them but I don’t feel like I look happy.

“Now it feels like it’s easier to smile – it’s probably mental health as well, eating better and exercising more, it is little things.

“People say I look much younger.

“Lots of people made funky scrubs at the start of the pandemic but they were too small to fit a lot of staff but they fit me, they’re lovely.

“I’ve always been a big eater, people would say to me on lunch ‘you’re not going to eat all that’ but I would.

“We enjoy steak and pork chops, and we get a Dominoes about once a month.”

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