Slimming World York couple’s lockdown weight loss triumph

THIS York couple lost nine stone two pounds in weight throughout the course of last year.

Colin and Rachel Goodwin from Huntington are part of the Huntington and Stamford Bridge Slimming World Group in York.

Colin, 46, is a gardener for Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and Rachel, 50, is a project planner for engineering firm Systra.

Colin has gone from xxl tops to small or medium and from a 40inch waist to 32 inches and Rachel, who was an18 or 20 dress size is now a 12 or 14.

The couple say previously on a weekend they would have had a McDonald’s breakfast, then maybe out for lunch with panini, chips and then a takeaway for tea with wine and snacks. Now they opt for a breakfast of back bacon, scrambled eggs, tinned tomatoes and mushrooms with a jacket potato with cheese and beans at lunch and a tea of cottage pie topped with swede and loads of veg and wine.

Rachel said: “I knew I needed to lose weight so on January 1 last year I stepped on the scales in my first ever Slimming World group and I cried. I knew I had to do something, I was in denial and with the support of this group – I knew I would get to target. I’ve re-trained my brain and now I love food optimising. I still have treats but everything is in moderation now.

“I suffer from Fibromyalgia amongst other health issues – often a ‘stopper / excuse’ as to why I can’t or won’t do something – but no more. I still have chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis but losing 3.5 stone has made it easier for me to manage all of that, now getting fitter and stronger too. I’ve had support from Colin and I couldn’t have done it without him doing it by my side. We have endured lockdowns but our group support goes virtual in these times which has been an amazing lifeline . Oh and of course Donna Simpson our consultant, who is amazing – supporting us and my Slimming World group members as family.”

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