Tea bombs could be the new hot chocolate bombs for 2021 in Toronto

Hot chocolate bombs rose to popularity in Toronto just in time for the holidays, but there’s a new hot drink trend that’s perfect for making viral videos: tea bombs.

Maison de Dessert is one of the first to sell them in the city. Like hot chocolate bombs, chocolate shells that “explode” when hot liquid is poured on them releasing cocoa mix and marshmallows, tea bombs are clear shells that release tea and eye-popping edible glitter.

Maison Dessert owner Selena Flores explained to blogTO that for her tea bombs, the “shell is made from a low calorie sweetener derived from beet sugar and has little to no effect on blood sugar levels. That means they’re weight loss and diabetic friendly.”

The tea bombs come in English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, peppermint, green, Irish Breakfast, chamomile, lemon and ginger, Goodnight Blend, and honeybush, mandarin and orange varieties. They’re $5 each, and you can simply DM to order.

“The shell is coloured with any food colouring of your choice. The inside contains a tea bag or loose leaf tea,” says Flores. “We use edible glitter that has no taste or texture to make that tea sparkle. You can add sugar, cream or anything you normally would to your tea.”

Though the tea bomb trend is blowing up on TikTok and Instagram right now, Maison Dessert appears to be on the forefront of introducing the phenomenon here in Toronto.

“People are loving tea bombs. They are so excited that the hot chocolate bomb trend has lead to something for tea lovers,” says Flores. “I’m not sure if anyone else in Toronto is making them yet. I know they are being made in Las Vegas and I decided to take it to Toronto.”

Maison Dessert also does the classic hot chocolate bombs, as well as glitter bombs you can pop into glasses of wine or champagne for a fun twinkle. So no matter your bevy bomb of choice, they’ve got you covered for your night in.

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