The first time I binge ate

All through high school, I maintained a pretty ‘consistent’ nutrition and exercise schedule. I didn’t have a weight loss ‘plan’ or anything specific I did, I just know that I was intentionally eating a little and exercising a lot. Because I wanted to be smaller. 

Look like the other girls.

Fit in.

So, each morning, I would have a breakfast that consisted of two frosted cinnamon Pop-Tarts and a glass of milk. I would skip lunch, then after-school, go to an hour-long soccer practice or play in a game.

I typically came home feeling pretty stressed and starving.

I remember, one night in particular, the game ran over, and I got home super late. I hadn’t even touched my homework yet, and I had a big test in the morning that I had to study for.

I showered, ate dinner with my family, then hit the books. At some point while I was studying, I brought the plate of fresh-baked brownies my mom had made earlier that day to the table where my work was spread out.

Exhausted, stressed, and trying as hard as I could to cram in an entire semester’s worth of Math into a few precious hours, I just kept reaching for brownies. Over and over again… until I looked up and realized they were all gone.

At the time I didn’t know why I was eating them, I just was. I ate until they were all gone. I ate until I was physically stuffed. 

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