The ‘Healthy’ Foods You Should Stop Buying Immediately–Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s Have Them!

Chances are, Monday is your grocery shopping day, but if you headed to your local market today with the goal of stocking up on healthy food options for the week–experts warn that some of the foods marketed as “good-for-you” and sold at national chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s may be much worse than you think.

Packed with sugar and dangerous to your health and waistline in a multitude of ways (especially for those with Celiac disease or diabetes), these “healthy” breakfast foods and snacks have no business being in your shopping cart (or your fridge for that matter):

Cereal bars

Bars like the 365 Organic cereal bars at Whole Foods, “Should be avoided because they contain inflammatory ingredients from several types of sugar, including glucose syrup, cane sugar, and invert cane sugar,” nutritionist Heather Hanks, MS, tells us. “These bars also contain wheat flour, which is highly inflammatory for most people even if they do not have Celiac disease – according to a 2018 study,” she warns.

But that’s not all. “The fiber in these bars will help slow down blood glucose dumping to stabilize blood sugar levels, which can help fill you up and prevent overconsumption of calories to support weight loss,” she continues.

Yogurt covered raisins: “These are not healthy even though it has raisins and yogurt in it!” Stacy Roberts-Davis, RD, LDN of Flavorful Nutrition, warns. Yikes!


“They’re full of added sugar.” Say it ain’t so!


What else does Stacy say you should avoid at all costs? “Dried cranberries is another one that’s full of sugar.”

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