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I struggled with my weight in 2020.⁠

I haven’t always looked like the photo on the right, which was taken just a couple of weeks ago.⁠ Let’s just say, the start of 2020 was rough for me.⁠

Photo on the left… I went through a really stressful time that included writing a macro cookbook, coaching 1:1 clients, studying for the FDN certification, and spending hours on the treadmill. The combination of these stressors took a serious toll on my health and waistline. I gained nearly 15 pounds in just 3-4 months!⁠

And my story is not unique. ⁠Women fall into the overtraining trap far too often and wonder why they are struggling with their weight.⁠

In order to go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right, I had to do three things:⁠

Change my mindset⁠
Change my nutrition⁠
Change my workouts⁠

Changing my workouts proved to be the icing on the cake that really catapulted the way my body looked and felt. ⁠

I went from being a Cardio Queen at Orangetheory to using heavy (for me) weights. Strength training became my new go-to workout of choice and it showed.⁠

The stress and strain of hours of cardio took a toll on my body, and I didn’t even get the lean figure I wanted to show for it. It was so frustrating!⁠

After incorporating strength training and plenty of rest days, I started to lose the weight I had gained. And I was working out less than ever before!⁠

Using heavy (for you) weights enhances the toned look you want while giving you the muscle you need to boost your metabolism and change your body composition for the better!⁠

My 12-week strength training program, #STRONGMADESIMPLE 2.0, is open for enrollment for a limited time. Grab all of the details via the link in my profile!⁠

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