The One Breakfast You Should Never Have If You Want To Lose Weight By 2021: Pre-Packaged Oatmeal

When planning out your meals to fit within your weight loss plan, there are tried and true options which are known to help cut back on calories while nourishing your body. Oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast with a multitude of health benefits, but as with everything, preparation is key in determining how healthy each meal actually turns out to be. If you’re looking to lose weight by 2021, keep pre-packaged oats out of the lineup.

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While steel cut oats on their own can be a healthy, filling breakfast for weight loss, registered dietitian Trista Best explains why the pre-packaged variation takes away the benefits. “Pre-packaged oatmeal that comes in a variety of flavors is packed with calories and sugar. To achieve their unique flavors, manufacturers will use an exorbitant amount of added ingredients that lead to inflammation and weight gain.”


The predetermined serving sizes may seem like a quick fix for breakfast on a busy morning, but the sugar content alone will leave you feeling lethargic throughout the day. Overtime, the hidden calories will add to weight gain, negating all the other healthy habits you’ve been putting in place. If you choose to opt for pre-packaged for its clear serving size, consider plain oats instead of the more tasty sounding variations–you can always dress them up yourself!


Plain oats may not sound incredibly appetizing, but you can make them more delicious by adding a scoop of peanut butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon or even a handful of fruit on top for some natural sweetener and wonderful flavor. There are so many different ways to prepare oatmeal on your own that you shouldn’t feel confined to the pre-packaged variation.


Oatmeal is a great breakfast for weight loss due to the vitamins and minerals which come with a whole grain food. The meal can keep you full and satisfied and still be an easy breakfast, even without purchasing it pre-packaged. Try overnight oats or heat them up on the stovetop with a little bit of almond milk for some delicious, creamy flavor that helps you work towards your 2021 weight loss goals, instead of against them.

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