The One Thing You’re Adding To Your Smoothies That’s Making Them *Super* Fattening

Smoothies are typically a great addition to your diet when you’re in need of a boost of nutrients after a workout, or if you’re working to lose weight. And while smoothies can be packed with a multitude of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fat which are conducive to reaching your weight loss goals, sometimes smoothies can contain sneaky ingredients that may seem healthy at first glance, but in reality are negating the benefits of your beverage. If you’ve been following a largely healthy diet but haven’t been seeing the results you wish for, this is the one ingredient in your smoothies which could be impeding on your weight loss success.


A healthy, well balanced diet allows for you to eat your favorite foods in moderation while still netting results. However, some ingredients are simply loaded with calories and sugar which make it markedly more difficult to reach your weight loss goals as they provide only temporary satiety after finishing a meal. Fruit juice is one such ingredient which, while derived of a healthy food, may actually make weight loss more difficult due to its high sugar content and caloric value.


Although fruit juice can add some great flavor to your smoothies and make them taste more like a dessert than a healthy meal, they are often lacking in nutrients and high in artificial sugar which can spark cravings while failing to keep you full. When comparing fruit juice to soda, Healthline explained, “Both are low in fiber and sources of sugar and liquid calories. When consumed in large amounts, both have been linked to an increased risk of obesity and illness, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.” Fruit juice naturally does provide more vitamins and minerals to your body than soda, but it is not necessarily a valuable addition to your smoothies when you’re striving to lose weight.


Not only is fruit juice loaded with sugar, but it is often also high in calories. Coupled with the fact that it will not help keep you full for long, this could easily lead to overeating throughout the day, making it harder to lose weight. While whole fruit contains fiber which will help keep your appetite at bay, juice notably lacks this valuable nutrient. If you want to make the most out of your smoothies, stick to adding only fresh fruit to your drink and for liquid, try coconut milk or Greek yogurt to provide a creamy texture with a little more protein and significantly less sugar.


Healthy weight loss comes from a sustainable calorie deficit combined with eating nutrient dense foods which will help to keep you full and satiated in the hours between meals, thus reducing unnecessary snacking. The addition of fruit juices to your smoothies could be making it more difficult to lose weight, loading up on empty calories and sugar that negates the wonderful benefits that these drinks could provide you. When working to lose weight, it’s important to ensure that all of your ingredients contribute to your goals instead of blindly assuming that anything falling under the umbrella of a smoothie is automatically healthy. Making the switch from fruit juice to fresh fruit could make all the difference in your body!

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