These Low-Carb Beers Are Totally Keto-Friendly and Super Bowl-Approved

If you’re starting a new diet, you may also be considering cutting back on alcohol. But beer can still be a part of your new dietary routine. Light beers, in particular, are brewed to naturally cut most of the calories and carbs found in regular full-bodied ales — and some of the best low-calorie beers are still packed with unique flavors, despite the absence of those calories and carbs.

If you’re on the Keto diet, you know that alcohol is largely out of the question per the plan’s rules, but a light beer can be managed if you select one that’s as close to 3g of net carbohydrates as possible, says author Lindsay Boyers, author of Keto Hacks: 200 Shortcuts to Make the Keto Diet Fit Your Lifestyle. While regular beers pack in upwards of 14g of carbohydrates per 12oz serving (a standard can or a bottle from a six-pack), light beers contain just half of that amount, and some can dip as low as 2g overall. And if you’re wondering about added sugar, take note: “Most beers, low-carb or not, have 0g of sugar listed on its ingredient list…. Keep in mind that the natural fermentation process used to make beer may create some sugars as a byproduct,” Boyers explains. “If sugar is listed, keep it under 1g per 12-ounce serving.”

If you’re trying to maintain ketosis, you may not want to include beer as part of your daily routine. Boyers recommends saving it for special occasions (Super Bowl Sunday, anyone?), as excess carbs and alcohol could send Keto dieters off ketosis completely — or hinder your Atkins efforts. “Not only can the carbs add up quickly, but beer also contains gluten, which can trigger inflammation and gut issues that make it more difficult to reach your health goals,” she adds.

Here, you’ ll find a list of the best light lagers to enjoy on any low-carb diet. Keto dieters might want to plan their party snacks carefully: “It’s best to combine your keto-friendly beer with protein-rich foods, which delay stomach emptying and slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed,” Boyers advises. So whip up one of your favorite Keto dishes and pop the top on one of these delicious low-carb beer options:

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