These Protein-Rich Laddoos Are Healthy Indulgence For Taapsee Pannu- Her Nutritionist Reveals More Diet Secrets

These Protein-Rich Laddoos Are Healthy Indulgence For Taapsee Pannu- Her Nutritionist Reveals More Diet Secrets

Taapsee Pannu was recently seen eating laddoos made with ghee, besan, nuts and coconut


  • It is not important to eat only proteins
  • You need to eat fats, carbs and fibre in a balanced way
  • Practicing portion control and exercising regularly is also important

Actress Taapsee Pannu is definitely not a protein bar kind of a person. For her, its all about eating healthy food that is delicious to taste too. Take her recent Instagram post for example. The actress can be seen happily indulging in the laddoos, which are made with besan (gram flour), coconut, nuts, gond and ghee. Her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal calls them Protein Energy Balls, Pannu reveals in the caption of her post. But she calls these laddoos her “healthy indulgence”.

Pannu loves eating healthy food, but it has to be tasty too

Pannu has been receiving a lot of praise for the transformation that she has gone through for her stint in Rashmi Rocket, her upcoming movie. Ganeriwal, her nutritionist, recently revealed that the actress, being a true Punjabi, is immensely fond of food. “She would not eat anything non-appealing because it’s supposedly healthy,” said Ganeriwal in an interview with Pinkvilla.

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Here’s another example that Pannu is a foodie, and definitely does not go by norms like eating few carbs and more protein for weight loss and muscle build up. “This is how prepping for Rashmi Rocket looks like! Starting off my day with this carb-rich breakfast planned by my fuss free Munumun Ganeriwal,” Pannu wrote in the caption of her Insta post shared sometime in August last year.

Watch the post below to see what we’re talking about. The Manmarziyaan actress can be seen eating a couple of sweet potato tikkis with good-old mint chutney. Ganeriwal recommends them for their high fibre content, wrote Pannu in the post, while adding that she herself recommends eating them for their great taste.

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“Working to get an athletic body isn’t about eating only proteins. Keeping the right balance is important,” she wrote.

Also what needs to be noted here is that Pannu has two tikkis or cutlets on her plate, which infers portion control – the key to effective weight loss and body transformation, alongside regular and consistent exercise regime, of course.

Pannu’s diet is testimony to the fact that you don’t need to starve yourself or follow calorie-restrictive diets for being fit and healthy, and lose weight. All you need to do, is make healthier food choices like opting for baked sweet potato tikkis instead of deep fried potato tikkis; munching on healthy snacks like nuts and seeds instead of fried chips or namkeen; including fibre-rich grains like barley, ragi or jowar in your diet for optimum digestion and feeling of satiety; and eating proteins and carbs in just the right amount, so as to feel energetic and pumped up throughout the day.

Kudos to Pannu for promoting such healthy and positive eating pattern. Its definitely great for some much-needed #MondayMotivation!

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