Watch Miley Cyrus’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert | Video

Miley Cyrus doesn’t let anything stop her from putting on a show, including her own set design. The 28-year-old singer is the latest to bring fans an at-home show with NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, and she went all out with her band, her vocals, and her custom set. In the video shared on Jan. 28, Cyrus crooned hits like “Prisoner” and “Golden G String” from a miniature room decorated with purple walls, pink crushed-velvet linens, and a general air of disarray that screams rock ‘n’ roll. Each song is as powerful to listen to live as they are on her latest album, Plastic Hearts, but it’s better getting to see Cyrus bring her level of performance to each rendition. Watch the concert above!

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