Weight loss: 3 things that helped Adele lose 22 kilos, according to her personal trainer

Without a healthy (and read sustainable) diet plan, you have nowhere to go. Even more buzzing than Adele’s weight loss has been the unique and catchy diet plan she followed to lose weight. Adele followed the famous ‘sirtfood diet’, which makes use of ‘sirtfoods’, some special foods which work by activating certain protein chains in the body, known as sirtuins. According to science, these antioxidant agents act as protectants that help slow down ageing, boost metabolism and regulate the body’s inflammation, hereby helping in fat loss. Some common foods allowed in this plan include foods like oranges, dark chocolates, parsley, turmeric, kale, and even red wine.

Studies have also found that the sirtfood diet can help people lose up to seven pounds (3 kilos) in under a week’s time.

You will be surprised to learn that Adele’s transformation involved no shortcuts. Her trainer, Geronimo is one of the rare trainers who doesn’t believe in using supplements or pills for the same and firmly believes in hard work.

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