Weight Loss: Avoid THESE common breakfast food items if you want to shed extra kilos

Weight watchers eat and drink several seemingly healthy food items on a daily basis but these can actually derail their weight loss progress. Today, we have mentioned a few such food products. Read on to know more.

Weight loss can be tricky as even one mistake can easily derail your efforts. Today we are talking about seemingly healthy food items that many of us, even weight watchers, include them in daily diet and it is mostly a part of a breakfast meal. Before we talk about it, let me tell you that breakfast is a very important meal of the day and we should try to have some healthy food items to break our 8-9 hour long fast that we do inadvertently throughout the night. It helps in several ways including weight loss. And the right food items for brekkie will only help you to reach your goal faster. And staying clear from misleading food items is equally important too.

So, if you have been trying to shed extra weight and unable to do so then your daily dose of packaged orange juice could be the reason. This drink is one of the go-to breakfast for many, however, much to everyone”s surprise it is no good whatsoever. Many people and even dieters drink orange juice every morning considering it as a healthy way to start the day. However, the morning drink just appears healthy and it is full of sugar and low in nutrition. Whatever nutritional value the juice has is gets deteriorated further when the juice is processed at higher temperatures. So, those cartons and cans of OJ that you have been drinking were nothing but a high dose of calories and sugar.

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Aside from orange juice, what are the other healthier options?

If not carton and can based ones, then what are the other juice options to have? One can rely on homemade freshly squeezed juice or opt for cold-pressed juice or high-pressure-pasteurized fruit and vegetable juice. Or you can try squeezing some citrus-based fruit into sparkling water. These methods help to retain most of the nutrients and have less sugar too. Also, one should go for juice that has at least two veggies as well as with one fruit. You can also replace fruit juice altogether with unsweetened tea. One can go for healthful herbal teas that are commonly available.

Packaged and artificially enhanced yoghurt, granola/breakfast bars

Another seemingly healthy food item that dieters should avoid is the pre-flavoured packaged yoghurt options. They are marketed as low-fat and healthy but they are not really. As most of them especially the low-fat ones contain lots of added syrup, artificial enhancers, preservatives, colourings, and sugar to mimic the full-fat versions. Make sure to have plain, natural and organic ones that are free from artificial ingredients. Yogurt is one of the superfoods and one should include the same in the daily diet. You can even add fruits and nuts to the same. 

Also, avoid or reduce the consumption of the granola and breakfast bars that are full of artificial stuff and sugar as they won’t help to reach your weight loss goals either. Dr. Lisa Davis, Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Medifast, told Shape, “Most commercial granola bars are basically oatmeal cookies in disguise, with a lot more sugar than you need.” So, read the packages carefully before you buy these food products

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