Weight loss diet warning: Low carb keto plan can burn belly fat fast – expert tips

When trying to burn belly fat, the keto diet plan has become a popular option. Dieters need to cut back on foods that are high in carbs. A fitness expert revealed the rules you must follow on the plan and shared a warning.

Those following the plan can tuck into foods high in healthy fats such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, oil and avocados.

Foods with a moderate protein content are also permitted on the plan.

Speaking of the diet, Harry Aitken, sports scientist and master trainer for Auster Fitness, offered some key advice.

He revealed slimmers should be patient when waiting for results to kick in.


“To process and retrieve energy from fat, the metabolism is raised,” the expert said.

“This means the body is naturally burning more calories.

“It takes about three days for your body to go into ketosis, but try it out for a month or two. Be consistent and see where you get to.”

While cutting out carbs is key to the plan, he warned slimmers still need to count their calories.

“If you are in a state of ketosis but consuming 1,000 more calories than you are burning every day, you will gain weight.

“The keto diet is not for everyone, it can be very heavy on the digestion system and does not work with some people.

“However for those who enjoy eating meat and cheese then I recommend you give it a go.”

The expert explained the keto diet is not for everyone. 

However, others could benefit from testing out the plan, he commented. 

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