Weight loss: Eating eggs for breakfast can boost metabolism and help you slim down

Weight loss is a pursuit that can be beneficial to health for those looking to reduce their BMI to a healthy level. According to experts, the best way to do this is to switch out the types of food you are eating for healthier, more filling alternatives.

The best way to start is with a good breakfast which provides lots of nutrients and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

It seems there is one simple dish that tops the list of nutritious breakfast foods.

Several studies show eating eggs for breakfast could be the key to slimming down to a healthy weight.

By comparing the effects of eating eggs in the morning, versus other breakfast foods of the same calorie content, it was found that eggs can increase the feeling of fullness.

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A large egg has only 78 calories but is packed with 7 grams of protein.

A small egg can contain up to 4.9 grams of protein.

Another expert study discovered that eating a high protein diet helped to reduce “obsessive thoughts” about food by up to 60 percent.

It may also curb the desire for late-night snacking.

Not only are eggs a great source of protein, but they are also filled with many vitamins and minerals which are commonly lacking in the diet.

What’s more, they are inexpensive and can be whipped up into a satisfying meal in just minutes, perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Some popular, easy-to-make breakfast dishes include omelettes, boiled eggs, poached eggs and scrambled eggs.

However, experts warn that adding bread to a morning dish could drastically decrease its benefits.

According to Livestrong, egg sandwiches have up to four times as much low-quality carbs as protein.

This is because they are only made with one egg and therefore low in protein, which could lead to you snacking later in the day.Of course, with the increasing popularity of vegan diets, not everyone is able to eat eggs.

The good news is there are now plenty of healthy alternatives to eggs available in supermarkets.

Tofu can also be used to make a scrambled-egg stye dish which is equally as filling and packed with protein.

Other protein-packed foods which can be incorporated into your diet include nuts, lentils, legumes such as kidney beans and even broccoli.

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