Weight loss: How eating a high fat diet may help weight loss

The Keto diet is amongst one of the most popular diets in recent years. It has many benefits and can help achieve weight loss results in a short space of time. Here is what the diet entails and what you can eat when following it.

The aim of the keto diet is to put, and keep, your body in a metabolic state called ketosis.

Ketosis is a metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead.

According to Healthline, to go into ketosis, people generally need to eat fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrates each day and sometimes as little as 20.

You only need to eat a large apple or a medium size banana and you will have exceeded your daily carb limit as most fruits are fairly high in carbohydrates.

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“At the beginning I used a simple Keto weight loss plan for beginners to plan my meals. There is a variety of Keto recipes that are easy to follow.

“It really helped me drop weight quickly and it gave me the building blocks to tailor the diet to my needs and lifestyle.”

The diet involves eating high-fat foods like unprocessed meats and lots of eggs.

Eggs contain less than one gram of carbohydrates making eggs suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle.

Unprocessed meats are also low-carb but excessive amounts should be avoided.

More typical Keto friendly foods include avocado, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise.

Heathline say that people tend to feel less hungry and more full on a ketogenic diet, which is attributed to ketosis. For this reason, it is not necessary to count calories and instead it is about watching the food you eat.

However experts have said that following the diet for a long period of time may be damaging to your health.

Side effects can include headaches and fatigue and it is advised that people wanting to kick start their weight loss journey should consult a doctor before starting any diet.

The government’s healthy eating advice, illustrated by the Eatwell Guide, recommends just over a third of your diet should be made up of starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta and over another third should be fruit and vegetables.

This means that over half of your daily calorie intake should come from starchy foods, fruit and vegetables.

However this diet is said to be safe for healthy people if followed correctly.

To achieve maximum weight loss, exercise is recommended to boost results.

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