Weight loss: How to lose belly fat on a Keto diet without intense exercise

Weight loss can be an uphill battle as there are so many diets out there to follow and many people do not know where to start. It is a widely known fact that you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, however this particular diet focuses more on the foods you consume rather than your calorie intake.

Visceral fat attaches itself to organs and slowly releases toxic substances that increase your susceptibility to diseases and cancers.

Therefore burning this type of fat is really important in keeping the body healthy.

It’s widely known that incorporating exercise into your everyday regime will help fuel weight loss however the Keto can be done purely with the foods you eat, even though exercise is advised.

Around one hour of exercise is recommended to help boost weight loss results.

This is because it focuses on the foods you are consuming rather than the overall calorie intake.

Plus, the Keto diet has been proven to reduce hunger and increase satisfaction, which can be particularly helpful when trying to lose weight.

Keto friendly food includes eggs, poultry, fatty fish, meat, full-fat dairy, full-fat cheese, nuts, and avocados.

These foods are all high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

Followers of the diet have said this diet is particularly good to follow as it helps you lose weight but also boosts your energy levels because the foods you are consuming are healthy and nutritious.

Foods to avoid include bread, sweets, pasta and fruits.

Fruits actually contain a high level of carbohydrates and should be avoided on the Keto diet.

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