Weight loss: “I cycled for 7 kilometres daily and lost 17 kilos”

I started by going for a 3 km walk in the mornings, followed by 30-45 minutes of cycling (7.5-9 km) and fat-burning yoga for 12 minutes daily. This way, I was able to lose around 4-5 kilos every month, i.e. 1.25 kilos per week.

Fitness Secret unveiled:

Eating homecooked food in the right proportion is the only key to be healthy and lose weight holistically. And yes, don’t forget to eat your leafy greens. Minimize consumption of junk food. Instead, try and prepare delicacies at home only. You’ll soon start to see the temptations and urges going away once you cook for yourself.

Fitness-wise, I would suggest everyone invest in a good weighing scale-track your weight loss every morning after waking up, which really worked for me. Also, schedule nap times, but avoid sleeping right after your meals. All these measures will help track down fat loss during the course of your journey…

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