Weight loss: “I drink ajwain-saunf paani before going to bed”

Morning: A tablespoon of honey+ giloy+ wheatgrass juice+ lemon in warm water.

For my breakfast, I usually prefer to have something easy like upma/ poha/ oats/ besan chilla/ peanut butter toast/ a bowl of cornflakes with a cup of coffee.

Lunch: One small katori of pulses+ any green vegetable+ two chapatis (since I avoid wheat, I take quinoa, bran or oats roti)

A cup of green coffee/ green tea had 1-2 hours after my meal, along with some makhanas (foxnuts)

Dinner: Quinoa pulao/ vegetable soup/ paneer tikka or sautéed paneer with veggies.

Before going to bed, I drink a concoction of ajwain and saunf in hot water.

Pre-workout meal: None

Post-workout meal: Unsweetened almond milk

What do you have on your cheat days? I love eating pizzas so whenever I had a cheat meal (which weren’t very often), I used to make pizza at home, put in a lot of vegetables without feeling any guilt!

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Red Thai curry and quinoa in veggies

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