Weight loss: “I eat brown bread toast, dalia or oats for dinner and have 3.5 liters of water everyday”

6:00 am – One cup warm water with jeera powder

6.15 am – Dryfruits soaked overnight

8:00 am: Green tea and breakfast (3 rusk toast/digestive biscuits)

10:00 am: A glass of nimbu pani

1:00 pm (lunch) – Chaas with ajwain, 3 roti, one bowl vegetable, one bowl salad, and 5 spoons of curd

4:00 pm – Green tea with snacks (rusk toast/bhel/digestive biscuit)

5:00 pm – One date, one prune and a small piece of gur OR one fruit

7:00 pm – Nimbu pani/one fruit

8:00 pm (dinner) – Idli/oats/daliya/brown bread toast and soup

10:00 pm – One fruit

I drink 3.5 litres of water in a day

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