Weight loss: “I start my day with warm lemon water, nuts and seeds to lose weight”

Morning meal:

As soon I wake up, my day starts with a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon. It is good for detoxification and is in alkaline in nature. Post this, I eat 5 overnight soaked Munakka, 7 almonds, 2 dates and 1 walnut.

For breakfast, I opt for Chilla/oats/parantha. I have a cup of coffee and roasted peanuts as my mid-morning snack.

My Lunch: 2 medium-sized chapatis/ serving of rice with usual subzi/ daal along with a bowl of curd.

After my lunch, I have my homemade kadha (prepared using tulsi, ginger, cumin seeds, carom seeds, turmeric and black pepper) with a spoon of chawanprash.

Dinner: I take dinner very early, at or before 7 pm. It comprises of simple veg food like lunch only (chapati/rice, sabzi,daal)

Pre-workout meal: Nothing

Post-workout meal: Overnight soaked almonds(7), dates (2), walnuts(2) and munakka/ dry grapes (5)

I indulge in: I usually love homemade stuff only. So at times, I have pakoras or puri or any dessert like gajar ka halwa or kheer or ladoos. Very rarely do I eat food from outside except on someone’s birthdays, when I do have some cake.

Low –calorie recipes I swear by: Chilla, Khichdi, Veg Pulao, daliya

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