Weight loss: “I stopped eating chapatis for weight loss”

Since going to the gym isn’t so safe during COVID, I run and do weight training movements at home.

The exercises I did included a mix of weight training and cardio ( done 6 days a week). I also started running on the treadmill everyday (at least 3 kilometers). The training used to go on for a minimum of an hour, with zero rest. Slowly and gradually, I pushed my limits. Most recently, I increased my stamina and managed to run for 11 kilometers in a single go. I want to cross this benchmark too.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: Weight loss will only be possible if you follow a balanced combination of the right diet and workout.

One also has to give his/her body time to adapt and change. Consistency, discipline and patience are key for it.

Also, when one does workout, they should focus on body toning the body and building muscles.

Another major thing I did to speed up weight loss is reducing my meal portion, little by little. Keep working to reduce your high carbs and focus on increasing the proteins.

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