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In a recent column, I wrote about wanting to get healthier and needing to shred some pounds. And a reader made a comment about hoping I would give updates on the journey.

So here’s the update.

Things are going very well. Since weighing in on Jan. 10, I’m down 29 pounds. I even lost 11 pounds in one week. I did a few double takes on the scale to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

Things won’t always be easy. My most recent week only netted a 2.4 pound loss. That’s the worst yet. But my crazy schedule changes throughout the year and sometimes it’s just hard to keep it up. I guess it’s better than putting weight back on.

This next week is going to be even harder.

State wrestling never lends itself to practicing healthy habits. There’s nothing great to eat inside Wells Fargo Arena and they frown on folks bringing in food, even if I am a credentialed media member who is literally there from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday.

I will do the best I can, but I anticipate this week being my worst one yet. I will be able to get to the gym on Monday and Wednesday like normal but the Newton girls’ bowling team has a fantastic chance to make the state tournament on Tuesday so I want to be there for that.

That starts at 1:30 p.m. in Des Moines, and I have playoff basketball games that night, too. I will try to get up earlier than normal to get a workout in and still be able to get to Des Moines on time.

Eating on the go has been my No. 1 challenge with weight-loss practices in the past. I’m in the car a lot and moving from town to town almost every day. I don’t workout on the weekends much as it is a time to spend with family but Saturdays are also busy for work.

The biggest reason for the success in the past month has been limiting gas station stops and not caving to the cheap, delicious food they have. I have eaten more salads and veggies in the past month then maybe the past few years combined.

I drink a protein shake every morning for breakfast and have been eating a ton of protein bars. Cottage cheese has always been a favorite and it’s healthy. I eat a lot of tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, too.

Those are just some things that have worked for me. But everyone is different. Not every body is created equally.

We love Mexican food in our house. That has been a popular “cheat day” meal for us lately. And it’s probably been a “cheat day” too many times. But I figure as long as I am losing weight weekly, there’s nothing to be too concerned about.

We still eat fun foods. We had Arby’s the other day, and ordered Montana Mike’s on Sunday to enjoy on a cold night.

Now, back to state wrestling. I will be able to get some walking in between sessions as the skywalk downtown is great for that.

Unfortunately, Newton was not able to qualify any wrestlers this season, and Class 3A is the middle session this winter. So I will work the 1A session and 2A session like normal and then try to get in some extra steps during the 3A session.

It won’t be the same as my normal workouts at Anytime Fitness, but moving is better than sitting. And it helps me avoid boredom eating.

I believe I told everyone another goal of mine was to do 25 push-ups per day in 2021. That is still going strong. I even improved the number to 30 in February and hope to increase it every month.

I even have my 8-year-old daughter doing them with me on days I don’t go to the gym. And doing them by herself on days I already have them done. She reminds me daily to do them, too. Having that person to keep you accountable is a must.

I added another “daily” thing, too. I have been doing 100 body squats each day I’m at the gym. That seems to be an added bonus to the end goal.

Here’s to a busy week on the courts, mats and lanes. It’s playoff time. That means things will get more difficult for me, but I’m ready to meet the challenge head on.

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