Weight loss: NHS advise this is the best breakfast food to add to your diet plan to slim

Weight loss is achieved in the kitchen – and eating the right foods can boost success. The NHS have their own 12 week diet plan, with a specific food advised at breakfast time.

Kicking off week one of their plan, the NHS tell dieters to make sure there is plenty of fibre in their meals.

This is particularly true at breakfast time – often thought of as the most important meal of the day.

They said: “Adding some fibre to your breakfast can help you stay feeling full until lunch and reduce the urge for a midmorning snack.

“Eating food with lots of fibre will help you feel full for longer, so you’re more likely to stick to your calorie limit.”

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Best high fibre breakfast ideas

The NHS suggestions are a good way to get started – but more those with more confidence in the kitchen might want to prepare food from scratch. Some of the best high fibre breakfast foods include:

  • Oatmeal. Oats are a great source of fibre, and can be prepared the night before ready to eat the next morning. Try adding berries, as these have more fibre than other fruits. Shake together 140g of oats, 225ml of milk, and 150g berries. Leave overnight, then top with fresh berries in the morning before serving.
  • Eggs. Eggs themselves are not particularly high in fibre, but they make an excellent vehicle for other high fibre foods such as beans, avocado, and wholewheat muffins. 
  • Smoothies. Making a fibre-packed smoothie is an easy way to up your intake, and allows variation with different fruit combinations. Adding spinach or seeds is another way to boost the fibre content.

Exercise is also a key part of losing weight, and eating the right foods to fuel a workout is key to success.

Personal trainer and TV guru Jessie Pavelka explained what foods you should eat before training to get the best results.

He said: “Whether it be running, cycling, yoga, that short and fiery HIIT session, or readying yourself for a weight session at the gym, we’re all guilty of failing to take a second to pause and think about how we’re fuelling our body pre-workout.”

What slimmers eat depends on the type of workout they are about to do and it can make a huge difference to the results.

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