Weight loss story: “A high-protein, zero sugar and gluten diet helped me shed 31 kilos”

Diet-wise, I made a lot of changes in my regime. Started drinking hot water, be it summers or winters. Opted for high-protein, gluten-free, zero rice, deep-fried or high-cholesterol foods. No sucrose or glucose (preferred having only fructose), artificial sugar. I also chose to finish my meals in one hour, as the insulin cycle lasts for 55 minutes only. I tried sticking to only 2 meals in a window of 10 hours, what I call the indirect intermittent fasting method. I also gave up having any sort of junk or bakery products. So, to give you a fair idea, here’s what I liked to have in a day:

My breakfast: 5 – 10 nuts (almonds, raisins, walnuts and pistachio) along with black coffee

My lunch: 1 Bhakri (Jawar or Bajra), subzi (veg or non-veg), a bowl of daal with salad (cucumber, carrot and tomatoes)

My dinner: 1 bowl of daal with salads and nothing else.

Pre-workout meal: Black coffee if I had cardio sessions, 1 scoop of pre-workout with a banana if I had muscle training lined up.

Post-workout meal: Plain 5 egg whites with almonds

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): I like to have minced-meat burgers made at home or order a large pizza with beer, have vada paav with chai, if it is my day to cheat!

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Grilled fish, egg delicacies, sugar-free muesli, hydrating fruits and popcorn.

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