Weight loss story: “Egg whites, oatmeal and nachni rotis helped me go from 125 to 73 kilos”

I have tried losing weight before. But all other times, I ended up gaining weight that I had lost in the first place.

‘Comfort’ food became therapy for me after my parents separated. That’s how I dealt with it. Soon enough, I found myself weighing over 110 kilos and obese.

There was a point even plus-sized clothes wouldn’t fit me. That was the first time I joined the gym, but ate unhealthy-STARVED myself, had only water and fruits, ended up losing 40 kilos plus my mind. I could fit into smaller clothes but became so weak and had bad ‘hanger’ pangs. 1.5 years later, I was back to being 89 kilos and it only went up.

The next time around, I started gymming again and this time, fad diets were my calling- survived on Keto and no carbs. I became so famished and suffered from a slipped disc. I spent the next 6 months in bed, lost hope and patience. The only thing I had managed to gain was my weight- I was 125 kilos!

The third official chapter in my life, the breakthrough happened when a man broke my heart. I fully realized the need to get a grip, find a balance and focus on myself. It also made me realize that being slow and steady wins the race. With my past weight loss/gain history, I made a list of everything that I SHOUDN’T DO and went back to my roots. Stuck to ghar ka khana, mindfulness, and after a long time, I am finally where I wanted to be!

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