Weight loss story: “ I have ginger water every morning for weight loss”

During the lockdown, I switched to full-time home workout. I work out at home every day, trying out a variety of forms and regimes. Here’s a sample workout plan of what I like to do:

In the morning, I take some time out and do yoga and meditation. It helps relax the body and make it more flexible.

In the evening, a mix of strength training (legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back), cardio, Bollywood dance workouts.

I dedicate time for ab exercises every day.

When I used to go to the gym, I followed a combination of strength training and dance workout.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: Weight loss is the most effective when you make alterations to your diet. I started having green tea twice a day and start my day with a glass of warm water infused with ginger- I try and have it at least thrice a week. Secondly, make sure you have your dinner before 8 pm. Late dinners are bad for your sleep, slows down metabolism and lead to weight fluctuations.

Workout wise, do remember that even small bouts of physical activity are better than no workout. So try and be physically active and take up small workouts such as walking to start your journey.

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