Weight loss story: “I lost 22 kilos without going to the gym and my secret is early dinners!”

My breakfast: I start my day by having a glass of lukewarm lemon water (had within 30 minutes post waking up). My breakfast usually consists of either oatmeal with skimmed milk+ fruits (apples/ blueberries/ banana) or besan chilla/ jowar/ bajra roti with any curry made in less oil.

My lunch: Lunch is usually brown rice with dal/ vegetable curry/fish curry. I also love eating traditional Assamese dishes such as Khar which is an alkaline dish. Alkaline food substances and acidic foods help maintain a healthy balance in the body.

My dinner: I try to wrap up my dinner latest by 730 or 8 pm which would usually consist of some form of protein (chicken/egg/fish). An early dinner always promotes weight loss.

Pre-workout meal: A cup of black coffee/green tea with a handful of nuts such as almond, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Post-workout meal: I usually have my breakfast after my workout

I indulge in (What do you eat on your cheat days):For cheat days, I like to have food from outside or junk food. Can be anything like chole bhature, paranthas, chicken biryani, momos.

Low- calorie recipes I swear by: Nothing specific, but always try to choose low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

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