Weight loss story: “I start my day with a jeera-ginger drink and have daliya for dinner”

1. Eating more fruits and green veggies(Which I hated) cooked in less oil and spices and cutting off potato curry from my diet(which I loved earlier)

2. Controlling the portion of food that I eat and maintaining a time gap between each meal.

3. Eating healthy snacks like dry fruits and sprouts rather than packed food.

4. Exercising daily for at least 45 mins no matter what.

5. Replacement of various food like sugar with jaggery, oil with ghee/pure mustard oil, Packaged food with nuts and grams.

6. I insisted on reducing sugar and salt intake in my everyday meal.

7. I have completely gave up refined flour and refined oil.

What was the lowest point for you?

I didn’t encounter a low point, but the fact that I had unknowingly put myself at the risk of so many diseases, and battled low days is hard and something I would never to go back to.

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