Weight loss story: “I start my meal with a til ka laddu and try out different grains and millets in main course”

I follow intermittent fasting of at least 14:10 or 15:9 on a regular basis. I have my first meal around 10 am and my last meal around 7 am. I also make sure I have a lot of seasonal, regional and traditional recipes, eat a little less than I am hungry (80%). I also keep sipping on a lot of warm water throughout the day.

My breakfast: Stewed Apples (I have a glass of warm water soon after waking up)

My lunch: All my meals are traditionally prepared at home and adhere to the Ayurvedic principles of nutrition and weight loss. So, I would start my meals by having a til ka laddoo (sesame seeds laddoo) and then proceed to have a wholesome meal of dal, subzi and chapati. I always alternate between different seasonal grains, millets and vegetables. Pearl millet is my current favourite.

My dinner: Ragi dosa with chutney or mixed khichdi with a tablespoon of ghee.

Pre-workout meal: I prefer doing empty stomach workouts, usually early in the morning.

Post-workout meal: I break my fast around 10 am with 6 almonds and figs, followed my stewed apples

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days):

I don’t usually experience the urge to indulge in any cheat days because I find my regular diet fulfilling enough. I have managed to create a mental block against all things like maida, cheese. So, now, I don’t crave for items like pizza, pasta or burger. If I still feel like treating myself, I go ahead and have something like daal ka halwa or gobhi ka parantha.

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