Weight loss story: This couple replaced wheat chapati with multigrain chapati and lost weight together!

Our breakfast: Fruits, boiled egg white or omelette, poha, upma, oats preparations. No desi ghee parathas anymore!

Our lunch: Lunch used to be pretty normal- 2 chapatis with green sabzi prepared at home. However, we replaced our regular wheat chapati with multigrain flour (a combination of Ragi, Bajra, Makai, Soyabean and other Millets). We also gave up on normal rice and used to have brown rice once a week. Potato and other fried items were also banished.

Our dinner: To keep ourselves motivated and taste buds alive, we used to have different forms of soups and salads – tomato soup or lentils soup or corn soup, salads ranging from corn chickpea salad, paneer salad or mushroom salad, various millets, buckwheat and moong dal chilla.

We ensured that all these dinners are cooked with very low salt to reduce our sodium intake and mostly cooked without using a drop of oil.

Pre-workout meal: Handful of almonds and green tea.

Post-workout meal: Muesli or desi chana with roasted chivda.

We indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Wheat pasta or Grilled Sandwich

Low-calorie recipes we swear by: Chickpea corn salad and oats chilla.

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