Weight loss story: This nutritionist eats poached eggs with one slice of whole wheat bread for dinner

My breakfast: I start my day with a glass of protein shake, oatmeal (milk+nuts+berries)

My lunch: Around 1:30 P.M., I have my lunch which is stir-fried chicken (250 grams) made in one tablespoon olive oil, green salad (300 grams) and yoghurt (125 grams).

At around 4 PM, I have tea (with sugar substitute) and one rusk or 30 grams peanuts.

My dinner:

I have my dinner at around 8:30 PM, which is usually two-three poached egg and one slice of whole-wheat brown bread.

Pre-workout meal:

In the morning after waking up, I have 5 overnight soaked almonds and a cup of hot black coffee before my workout. Post that I hit the gym for 60-90 mins.

Post-workout meal:

Post my workout I have a protein shake and eat oats in milk with nuts and berries (which is my breakfast)

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days):

Dark chocolate and stir-fried nuts

Low-calorie recipes I swear by:

Roasted chicken breast with broccoli and quinoa salad

Source link Fit Fast Breakfast

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