Weight loss: The best time to eat breakfast to slim down and lose weight

Weight loss, particularly in the short term, is a simple case of calories in vs calories out. But once dieters start to hit the dreaded plateau, a more detailed approach is needed.

According to EatingWell, there are five main foods that should be at the top of the list for any slimmer.

Starting the day with a low-calorie breakfast meal using some of the five healthy breakfast foods (oatmeal, peanut butter, yoghurt, eggs and raspberries) is best, as eating them regularly can help with weight loss.

This could be scrambled egg on wholegrain toast with spinach and a side of raspberries.

The protein and fibre in the breakfast will help fill dieters up while still maintaining a low-calorie count. It has been estimated that this meal has under 300 calories.

Instead of using thick, sweet sauces such as ketchup or brown sauce, dieters should use herbs and spices to add flavour and interest to meals.

At breakfast this could include chives, cinnamon, or chilli flakes depending on the dish.

While what a slimmer eats will have the biggest impact on weight loss success, exercise and fitness will hone results.

One trainer has revealed the best moves to get rid of belly fat – often the area of the body most people wish they could trim down.

There are four key but simple moves to use when trying to burn off belly fat from the comfort of ones home,  Angelo Grinceri, Master Trainer at P.volve explained.

“For so many of us, there are two major factors that prevent us from getting a workout in: time and space,” Grinceri said.

“Scheduling time to work out is one thing that takes a lot of organisation and dedication, but finding the physical space to work out should be a no-brainer.”

For most, finding the time to go to the gym, especially once winter is in full swing, can be extremely difficult. With blasts of cold weather, motivation can drop and gym memberships go to waste, but Grinceri explained dieters can do a simple belly fat burning exercise from the comfort of home.

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