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Nutrisystem is a meal delivery service designed to help people lose weight. Several plans are available, including Nutrisystem for Men, which caters specifically to natal males.

This article explains how Nutrisystem for Men works and the possible health benefits. It also lists some alternative options that people may wish to try.

Nutrisystem is a weight loss-oriented meal delivery service. A person can visit the website, select a meal plan that appeals to them, and have the company deliver ready-made or frozen meals to their home each week.

The Nutrisystem plan comes with three basic options, as well as the ability to tailor the diet plan.

To get Nutrisystem for Men, a person can choose the weight loss plan that interests them and then select the “Men” option at the top of the page.

Each of the Nutrisystem plans follows the same basic structure. The main difference is the number of meals and snacks that the plan provides and the dietary restrictions or preferences, such as vegetarian, that it caters to.

All plans give a person the ability to select their own meals or let the company do it for them.

Please note that the writer has not tested any of the services in this article. All information is research-based.

Standard plans

People can choose from three standard plans, which they can then tailor to suit their needs and preferences.

  • Basic Plan: This plan starts at about $10 per day when a person selects “Men.” The plan includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners per week, as well as 10 snacks from a selection of 100 meals on the menu.
  • Uniquely Yours: This starts at about $12 per day when a person selects “Men.” As with the Basic Plan, this plan includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus 10 snacks. In addition, it provides access to 150 menu items, and a person can tailor the plan to suit their metabolism.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate: This plan starts at about $14 per day when a person selects “Men.” The plan includes 7 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, in addition to snacks, access to more than 160 menu items, and the ability to tailor the choices to the person’s metabolism.

Specialized diet plans

The Nutrisystem service also provides options for people following particular diets. The specialized plans include:

  • Vegetarian: This plan starts at about $12 per day when a person selects “Men,” and it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks for 5 days.
  • Basic Diabetes Plan: The cost comes in at about $10 per day when a person selects “Men.” This plan includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus 10 snacks from a selection of 100 different menu items.
  • Uniquely Yours Diabetes Plan: Starting at around $12 per day when a person selects “Men,” this plan includes the same number of meals but access to 150 options. Plus, a person can tailor the plan to suit their metabolism.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes Plan: For about $14 per day when a person selects “Men,” the plan includes 7 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, as well as snacks. It offers people more than 160 meal options and the ability to tailor the plan to their metabolism.

The company claim that each of the diabetes plans offers more benefits than their regular plans. These benefits include:

  • Each diabetes plan provides 1,200–1,500 calories each day.
  • People can consume meals or snacks every 2–3 hours.
  • Meals provide the right balance of low glycemic whole grain carbs, protein, healthful fats, and fiber.

The Nutrisystem plans for men are available for purchase online.

The Nutrisystem app

Regardless of what plan a person selects, they will have access to the Nutrisystem app.

The app contains additional information, diet challenges, and other tools to help a person lose weight using the company’s system.

There is not much scientific evidence in peer-reviewed journals to back up the effectiveness of Nutrisystem, specifically.

Some independent studies indirectly show that aspects of Nutrisystem may help with weight loss, but scientists need to do more research to investigate Nutrisystem programs.

Poor evidence of benefits

Nutrisystem include a sponsored study on their website as proof of their health claims.

This study has not undergone peer review, which means that other scientists have not verified its research methods and conclusions.

The findings showed that Nutrisystem led to an average weight loss of 15.4 pounds and an average reduction of 9.7 inches in waist circumference in the first 2 months.

The paper lists neither the researchers’ names nor the study’s publication date. However, it is clear that the study only involved 84 adults, which is a small study group.

What independent studies say

Although there is a lack of evidence to confirm Nutrisystem’s effectiveness, it is still possible that the service may help a person lose weight. Scientists need to do more research on Nutrisystem to investigate this.

On Nutrisystem

One group of researchers did report that Nutrisystem helped participants lose weight. In their 2015 review article, they noted that people who used Nutrisystem saw a minimum of 3.8% greater weight loss at 3 months than the control groups.

However, the authors noted the need for additional studies to determine the long-term effects of dietary programs, including Nutrisystem.

On calorie restriction

Nutrisystem meals tend to be low in calories, which may help people lose weight. For example, the company’s diabetes plans provide 1,200–1,500 calories each day.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020, people need to consume about 1,600–3,200 calories per day to maintain their weight. The ideal amount depends on a person’s natal sex, age, and activity level, among other factors.

One review found that reducing calorie intake by about 500–600 calories per day can result in some weight loss — typically close to 2 kilograms per month. However, this weight loss may occur only for the first month. The review concludes that reducing calorie intake may aid short-term weight loss but may not be viable in the long term.

Therefore, the Nutrisystem calorie-restricted diets may cause people to lose weight initially.

On the risks of a low calorie diet

However, restricting calories, or carb and fat intake, too much may result in nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and fatigue, among other problems. It may also cause a person’s metabolism to slow down over time, reducing how many calories they burn per day.

For these reasons, it may be difficult for a person to maintain their diet and weight loss with Nutrisystem over the long term.

That said, a person with higher calorie needs could choose to add their own meals and snacks to their daily diet on top of what the Nutrisystem service provides.

On the diabetes plans

In addition, some research shows that the company’s approach to weight loss for people with diabetes may be flawed.

For their plans catering to people living with diabetes, Nutrisystem offer meals every 2–3 hours to help keep blood sugar levels constant.

However, a 2014 study found that eating only breakfast and lunch was more effective in reducing body weight and blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes than eating six calorie-restricted meals throughout the day.

Nutrisystem also claim to provide low calorie and balanced meals for people living with type 2 diabetes.

However, the most important factor for weight loss is a person’s willingness and ability to stick with the dietary plan.

Therefore, consistency on Nutrisystem, or any other diet, may be more important than making sure that every meal provides the ideal balance of macronutrients.

Nutrisystem offer guidance on foods to eat, as well as recipes to try for what they call “flex meals.” These are meals that the person makes at home or eats when going out with friends.

Most plans, except for the Ultimate versions, include several flex meals a week.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020 make the following recommendations for people looking to lose weight or maintain a moderate weight:

Nutrisystem plans offer several possible benefits to people looking to lose weight. Some potential pros include:

  • Calorie-restricted plans may help people lose weight.
  • A person can choose a plan that fits their needs and can avoid cooking or prepping meals for several or all days each week.
  • Easy meal prep may be useful for those who have previously found it difficult to lose weight.
  • High protein and high fiber meals may help the person feel full for longer.
  • The service includes a 4-week program that teaches a person about healthful eating habits.
  • People can get a 14-day trial to see whether the service suits them.

There are also some potential cons to consider before ordering Nutrisystem:

  • The costs start at $10 per day for the basic plan and go up to about $14 per day for the Ultimate plan, which might not be affordable for some people.
  • Frozen or premade meals may not appeal to everyone.
  • The limited menu of 100–150 items — depending on the plan — could start to feel repetitive.
  • A person may have trouble developing new healthful habits to maintain their weight loss after stopping Nutrisystem.
  • The plans may restrict calories too much for some people.

Nutrisystem offer meal delivery for people looking to lose weight. A person can choose Nutrisystem for Men by selecting “Men” within any of the particular plan options.

The company also provide support through their app, along with information to help a person make long lasting choices to maintain their weight loss in the long term.

There is little scientific evidence to confirm the effects of Nutrisystem on weight loss. The program may still help a person lose weight, but they will need to commit to it and stick to the habits they learn in the program to see long lasting results.

Some people may find the program costly, especially if they choose to follow it for a longer period.

Please note: Medical News Today do not imply warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or endorse this application. This app has not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Medical News Today. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not approved it unless otherwise indicated.

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