Will Eating Less Make You Weigh Less? Pooja Makhija Tells

Weight Loss Tips: Will Eating Less Make You Weigh Less? Pooja Makhija Reveals The Truth

Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism and make weight loss difficult


  • You must always eat if you feel hungry, without worrying about calories
  • Never starve yourself and eat foods that are filling in nature
  • Fibre and protein-rich foods can keep you full for longer

Weight loss: Losing weight is equal to eating less? You may want to think again. Yes, creating a calorie deficit, wherein you burn more calories in a day than you consume, is important if you want to lose weight. However, this should not be done at the cost of your nutritional needs. Moreover, the body doesn’t respond to eating less by lesser weight. In fact, the less you eat, the more your body stores, says nutritionist Pooja Makhija in one of her recent Insta reels.

Will eating less make you weigh less?

Makhija begins her video by telling that the body stores more when you eat less. That it works in super intelligent mechanism. When you give it lesser than what it needs to sustain, the body reduces its metabolic rate for survival.

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Thus, it is important that you give the body what it wants. When you feel hungry, it is important that you feed the body with nourishing and filling foods, rather than worrying about your calorie intake of the day.

When you gives the body what it wants, nourishment-wise, it gives you back what you want, in terms of being healthy and disease-free, good hair, glowing skin, good vitality, strong immunity and good body weight.


Eat healthy and homemade food for good hair, skin, weight and immunity
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“So, the more you eat, the more your body will burn. Eat right, it’s the key,” says the Mumbai-based nutritionist.

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Yes, along with eating when you feel hungry, it is also important to focus on eating nourishing, filling and healthy foods. To fulfil this need, you need to shift your focus to homemade foods most of the time. Your diet should also include lots of fruits and vegetables, lentils and legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds, milk and dairy products.

Make sure you consume a balanced diet with good fats, good proteins and good carbs. To create a calorie deficit, practice portion control but never starve yourself. Exercise regularly and maintain consistency in being physically active as well. Take less stress and sleep well, and all these steps can together help you lose weight. 

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(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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