With potato, rice, and wheat as new superfoods for Weight Loss, Guru Asha Ashta announces e9UnLOAD, the 9th edition of 90 days weight loss challenge

Mar 31, 2021 18:13 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 31 (ANI/PNN): Guru Asha Ashta, the Weight Loss Expert for Women has unveiled the 9th edition of 90 days weight loss challenge. Christened as e9UnLOAD, this challenge is aimed at empowering women in a real sense by motivating them to eat proper meals and thereby lose weight and become healthy and fit.
With its slogan “Eat More, Not Less.”, the Challenge serves as a one-stop solution for all Weight Loss, Waist Loss, and freedom from illnesses.
The Challenge will start at 01.May.2021. Women, 18 years and above, from all across the globe can participate in this e9UnLOAD.
While making the announcement, Asha, the Innovator of UnLOAD, said, “Women, who seriously want to lose weight, are obsessed with the idea that Weight Loss can be achieved only through Starving and Fasting. As a result, they start fearing food. The net result of this (mis)concept is that they become sick. Besides fasting, they undertake rigorous workout activities which further damage their body, and they end up severely injured. While the fact is, now proven, that the Permanent Weight Loss can happen only by eating appropriate food in right combinations and at right timings.”
“My Meal Plans include Aloo Paratha, Aloo Tikki, Pasta, Paav-Bhaji, Idli, Rice-Daal, Hakka-Noodle, and these are now established Superfoods for Weight Loss. The participants, with their regular normal meals, have achieved Weight Loss up to 16kg and up to 10″ reduction on their Waistline, in all previous editions of UnLOAD. There are no herbals, chemicals, pills, capsules, injections, powders, smoothies, etc. in this challenge.” said Asha.
Besides several live counselling sessions for nutrition, the fitness regime for this challenge includes 3 live workout sessions every day including Bikini Body Training, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Tabata, Zumba, Aerobics, Bollywood Dance, Masala Bhangra, and many more fun physical activities. Also, each participant is monitored Daily and mentored as needed.
Asha Ashta said, “Millions of people across the globe suffer from poor health, primarily due to inadequate nutrition and lack of appropriate knowledge. This Challenge helps women to understand and experience Good Food and thereby turn their lives around from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc., and above all depression. This program has been transforming not only their individual lives forever but also of all their family members”.

UnLOAD was started in 2011 by Asha Ashta as a small free yoga group with her kitty friends. By 2018, it had expanded to more than 2500 local women.
This was the time when she launched UnLOAD in its full-fledged professionally designed and executed avatar of 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge. Now it has proved itself to be the world’s finest, unique and holistic Weight Loss Challenge.
After lockdown, this Challenge is now conducted Live online and has spread rapidly. The participants are growing at an amazing pace and thousands of women from all over the globe, including the USA, Australia, Middle East, Canada, South Africa, and more, are now connected and receiving awesome and miraculous health benefits.
“With this challenge, I have been able to bring about an unbelievable revolution in the lifestyle of the global women. Those who always preferred to go fasting for Weight Loss have now learned to eat and now have started loving their food. In this edition, e9UnLOAD, I aim to have 1,000 participants”, said Asha.
“I am providing a never-before practical experience for the participants to lose their weight in a fun way. Besides their holistic transformation, there are several cash prizes and Gift hampers, which total more than Rs1,25,000.00, to be won. The Winner of e9UnLoad takes away Rs50,000.00. 1st runner up & 2nd runner up will win Rs 20,000/ and Rs 10,000/ respectively.” Asha also said.
The idea of this UnLOAD challenge is to compete with oneself and be a better version of oneself. Each participant is evaluated based on a set of measurable parameters, as detailed at her website www.ashaashta.com.
Guru Asha Ashta has conducted 100+ Workshops on Nutrition and Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss which have been attended by 5000+ participants. 15,000+ individuals have benefitted through her Nutrition Counselling and have successfully achieved a permanent weight loss of up to 40 kgs in just 7 months.
Winners of all editions of UnLOAD during 2021 will receive their prizes in a grand Crowning Award Ceremony in December 2021.
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